1. Illness Prevention at TreeRunner Adventure Park Grand Rapids

    TreeRunner Adventure Parks prioritizes the health and wellness of our guests, staff, and community. We are implementing the guidelines and protocols of the CDC at all our parks to ensure our parks remain places where you can get fresh air and an active experience this season. What We Are Doing to He…Read More

  2. Why You Should Challenge Yourself At TreeRunner Adventure Park

    Did you know that there are several good reasons to challenge yourself in your everyday life? We invite you to read on about all of the ways that challenging yourself can improve your sense of well-being and the quality of your life. Personal Growth Perhaps the most straightforward and beneficial re…Read More

  3. Let Us Help You Make The Most Of Your Next Birthday Party!

    Have A Party You’ll Never Forget! Are you looking for something a little more memorable for your next birthday party event? Are you tired of the same old birthday formula? TreeRunner Adventure Park in Grand Rapids has just the thing to spice up the next birthday event for you and your loved ones b…Read More

  4. Tips to build team spirit in the workplace

    Tips To Build Team Spirit In The Workplace

    In the workplace or outside of it, building a cohesive, unified team is no easy task. Likewise, there’s no quick way to build community, genuine bonds, or to promote the assumption of positive intent. From a general stance, you could say that time breeds familiarity, and being around one another e…Read More

  5. What People Are Saying About Our Aerial Adventure Park

    TreeRunner Grand Rapids Adventure Park is the top aerial adventure park around — not that there are many around, seeing as how outdoor adventure parks are just now coming to North America. You see, aerial adventure parks (which feature rope courses, zip lines, and other obstacles 10-35 feet above …Read More

  6. Team-Building & Aerial Adventure Parks!

    Welcome back to the TreeRunner Grand Rapids Adventure Park blog! We are thrilled that you’ve made your way here because it means you are interested in having a Grand Rapids adventure unlike any other! As has become somewhat of a tradition in our blogs, we’ll lead off today’s post with a (brief…Read More

  7. What Exercise Can Do For Your Mental Health

    “Oh my goodness, this is a must do!  Adults and children, it felt like I was in a different country while I was in the middle of the forest with tree mazes and zip lines surrounding me.  My son is 5 and had a ton of fun on the course they created that is not as large as the adult course. The adu…Read More

  8. The Best Ways To Show Appreciation To Your Employees

    Your employees are human — a revolutionary thought, we know. Assuming you aren’t a circus manager or an actual alien, the assertion above is incontrovertible, as is its corollary; your employees need to feel valued and appreciated in regular, tangible ways. According to a research project perfor…Read More

  9. Tips For Building Confidence, And How A Ropes Course Can Help

    Confidence is a funny thing. When you’ve got it, you feel like nothing could get in your way. You could stand up to that old bully from middle school if you crossed paths with one another, just like you could give a speech in front of hundreds about any given topic — when you are full of confide…Read More