Our course is made up of 6 obstacle routes of varying difficulty, length, and heights. Check out the descriptions and photos below to get a taste of what to expect from your adventure.

It all begins with the Main Deck

Main Deck

Climb the cargo net up to the Main Deck where you will be greeted by one of our friendly park guides. From there you can choose one of 6 routes or go directly up the ladder to our 365ft mega zip line. There are two beginner routes (Yellow and Green), two intermediate routes (Blue and Purple), and two expert level routes (Red and Black, sometimes combined into one deluxe route).

Climbers are required to demonstrate their ability to conquer a beginner route before moving on to an intermediate route, and an intermediate route before moving on to an expert level route.

Beginner Courses

Mostly stable obstacles between 15-20ft up. Good for all fitness and experience levels.

Green Course
Five elements, ending in a choice between two zip lines. Includes zig-zag bridge, swinging platforms, and plank bridge.

Yellow Course
Eight obstacles, ending in auto-rappel jump. Includes tight wire walk, swinging platforms, earthquake bridge, and the skateboard in the sky (“Air Board”).

Intermediate Courses

A variety of stable and unstable obstacles ranging in height from 20-35ft up. Definitely a step up in physical challenge.

Blue Course
Seven obstacles, ending in quick zip with zip stop. Includes whale watch, pogo sticks, and swinging planks.

Purple Course
Eight long obstacles, ending in quick zip with zip stop. Includes cargo net walk, swinging log, earthquake bridge, rolling logs, triple threat, and wrecking ball.

Expert Courses

An intense physical challenge for the most physically fit and daring climbers. Occasionally the two expert level courses are combined to create a 13-obstacle monolith. These two courses are 30-40ft high and take most people over an hour to complete.

Red Course
Seven challenging obstacles ending in a 40 ft auto-rappel jump. Obstacles include the forearm destroying swinging discs, vertical cargo net, taco net, earthquake swings, and horizontal junkyard.

Black Course
Six challenging obstacles ending in a 40ft auto-rappel jump. Obstacles include swinging platforms, rope buckets, vertical cargo net, and boson’s chairs.